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NEW Allegations Management Procedures are now in place

New Allegations Management procedures and Safer Working Practices guidelines have been introduced by the RBSAB. These procedures and guidelines are now in effect, and will impact on how allegations of abuse or neglect made against employees or volunteers should be dealt with.


Safeguarding concerns about adults with care and support needs should continue to be raised in the normal way so that an appropriate safeguarding response to the  adult is given.   However, if the safeguarding concern relates to the actions of a professional, paid employee or volunteer, then the Allegation Management Procedure should also be considered. The Allegations Management Procedure should also be considered where there is  any incident that may indicate that employees or volunteers may pose a risk to adults with care and support needs.


The Allegations Management procedure provides thresholds for when the process should be used, explains your organisational responsibilities and the actions that should be taken, as well as giving details of how the system works once a report is made and the involvement of other agencies such as the police.  The Allegation Management Procedure is attached and the Initial Consideration Form and Referral Form can be found at 


Accompanying the Allegations Management procedure are Safer Working Practices guidelines. These have been produced  to help employees and volunteers establish the safest possible working environments which safeguard individuals and reduce the risk of being falsely accused of improper or unprofessional conduct. The RBSAB recommends that everyone working or volunteering in your organisation reads the Safer Working Practices document and signs the back page to confirm they have understood it and will comply with it.


It is imperative that your organisation understands and adheres to the Allegations Management process. As this is a new system, the RBSAB have arranged several free training sessions for service providers and voluntary organisations to introduce the system and explain how it works, and what your responsibilities are. Details of the training are available at  where you are also able to book places.


Should you have any queries or concerns about any of the above please contact the Allegations Management Lead on 01706 922925 or 0300 303 8886 or at [email protected]


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