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White Ribbon Day 2018

The White Ribbon campaign begins on the 25 November 2018 and runs for 16 days. This global campaign focuses on raising awareness about all forms of violence experienced by women from men. 

The campaign is also an opportunity to raise awareness of domestic violence against men, which is not as widely talked about. 

• Fact: Over 4000 incidents of domestic violence and abuse were reported to the police in Rochdale (2017/18) 

• Fact: Domestic violence and abuse remains one of the main reasons for re-housing in Rochdale 

• Fact: Over 50 per cent of child protection plans featured domestic violence and abuse (2017/18) 

                                                                                                  For further info:

#IfLoveHurts #WhiteRibbonDay #DomesticViolence



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