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Multi-agency Policy and Procedures

Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Adults Board’s mission is to prevent and reduce the risk of significant harm to adults at risk from abuse or other types of exploitation, whilst supporting individuals in maintaining control over their lives and in making informed choices without coercion.

RBSAB Policy and Procedures

  • Examples of abuse
  • Who abuses and neglects?
  • Spotting signs of abuse and neglect
  • Front line
  • Line Managers supervision
  • Senior managers
  • Corporate/Cross Authority roles
  • Chief Officers and Chief Executives
  • Local authority members
  • Commissioners
  • Providers of services
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Regulated professionals
  • When should an advocate be involved?
  • Judging Substantial Difficulty
  • Who is an "Appropriate Individual"?
  • Appointing and advocate
  • Independent Mental Health Advocate
  • Independent Mental capacity Advocate
  • The role of the independent advocate
  • Responsibilities of the person reporting a concern
  • Responsibilities of the manager with safeguarding responsibilities
  • Summary of action to be taken

  • Who may make a complaint?
  • Complaints
  • Giving people support and advice when they complain
  • Action to be taken on receiving complaints about  safeguarding process

Other Documents

·Allegations Management - Initial Consideration Form

·Allegations Management - Procedure and Guidance

·Allegations Management - Referral Form

·CQC Guidance on Covert Photography

·Domestic Abuse and Older People - Guidance

·Falls Protocol - When to report a fall as a safeguarding concern

·Gaining access to an adult suspected to be at risk of neglect or abuse: a guide for social workers and their managers in England

·Guidance on the use of photographic evidence

·Herbert Protocol

·Multi-Agency Risk Management (MRM) Protocol

·Out of Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements

·Positive Risk Taking Guidelines

·Pressure Ulcers and the interface with a Safeguarding Enquiry

· Prevention and Management of Falls

·Professional decision-making tool in response to a Safeguarding concern

·Refusal of Medical Treatment Guidelines

·Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Referral Form

·Safer Working Practices

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