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7 Minute Briefings

7 minute briefings are based on a technique borrowed from the FBI. Learning for seven minutes is manageable in most services, and learning is more memorable as it is simple and not clouded by other issues and pressures.  Their brief duration should also mean that they hold people’s attention, as well as giving managers something to share with their staff. Clearly the briefings will not have all the answers, but it is hoped that they will act as a catalyst to help teams and their managers to reflect on their practice and systems. The expectation is that team leaders will present briefings to their staff, on a regular basis.

Seven Minute Briefings

 ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Advanced Care Planning 

Advocacy for Adults
Allegation Management Lead
Allegation Management Process
 Channel Panel
Clare's Law
Conveying under the Mental Capacity Act
Contextual Safeguarding
County Lines
Dark Web
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Domestic Abuse
 Domestic Abuse and Section 42 Enquiries
Domestic Homicide Review
Emollients and Smoking
Financial Abuse
 Forced Marriage
Hidden Males
Honour Based Abuse / Violence
Is Care Good Enough? 
Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme 
Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP)
Preventing Radicalisation
Prevent Strategy
Record Keeping Guidance
Regulation 28 Coroner's Report
Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Criteria
Safeguarding Adult Review 
into the death of Tom - March 2017

Safeguarding Adult Review
into the death of Mrs Hanson - September 2017

Safe Use of Agency Staff 
Self Neglect
Sexual Abuse
What to do if you suspect adult abuse or neglect
7 Minute Briefing Action Plan (For agencies to use to
record/ evidence how 7 minute briefings have been
used within their organisation)


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