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Disability Hate Crime

Targeting a person because of their disability, for example by laughing or shouting at them or physically assaulting them is classed as a hate crime.

In Rochdale borough we believe that everybody has the right to live a life free from fear and harm and that’s why we take reports of disability hate crime very seriously.

Disability hate crime can take many different forms.

In February 2016 a disability hate crime play was performed as part of a wider multi-agency campaign. A film of the performance can be found at

Dawn Wright, a staff member from Rochdale Council, has written this poem based on her, and her families and friends, personal experiences. Just Say Hi.

There's an easy read Guide to the Harassment of Disabled People and further easy read information about disability hate crime can be found on the Action Against Cruelty website.

What should I do?

If you experience disability hate crime or see it happen to somebody else, you can report it in the following ways:

Phone: Greater Manchester Police on 101


Visit: one of the many third party reporting centres across Rochdale borough, where you can talk to somebody in confidence.

To learn more about disability hate crime, and other forms of hate crime, visit the True Vision website

Safeguarding Children Click here to access the Safeguarding Children Partnership