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Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a crime. It is the use of a person’s property, assets, income, funds or any resources without their informed consent or authorisation. It includes:

  • theft
  • fraud
  • exploitation
  • undue pressure in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions
  • the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits
  • the misuse of an enduring power of attorney or a lasting power of attorney, or Appointeeship.

Possible indicators of financial abuse:

  • Unexplained withdrawals from the bank
  • Unusual activity in the bank accounts
  • Unpaid bills
  • Unexplained shortage of money
  • Reluctance on the part of the person with responsibility for the funds to provide basic food and clothes etc.

7 Minute Briefing - Financial Abuse

Loan Sharks leaflet

My Money, My Life

Little Book of Big Scams

Easy Read leaflets

United Response have created these six booklets giving financial advice:

Choosing and Opening a Bank Account

Using a Bank Account

Your Money - Your Home

Your Money - Your Insurance

Explaining Some of the Words used in Banking

Moving On and Planning Ahead


Enable have produced these guides:

Being in Control of Your Money

Keeping Your Money Safe


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